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    Carfriend Nano Liquid Glass Ceramic Crystal Coating adopts SIO2 inorganic substance as material 
    from natural silica sand,it is designed to provide an ultra thin, hard, transparent and durable layer 
    that protects surfaces from environmental factors for a long time.The layer is 500 times smaller than 
    our human’s hair. It protects surfaces from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals, 
    the hydrophobic effect makes it easy-to clean. and keep dust and dirt harder adhesion to,
    without affecting the look or feel of it.It  is nontoxic,colorless,tasteless and high environment friendly 
    with function of extremely glossy, smoothness surface,heat resistant, oil-resistant, anti-wetting,
    anti-scratch,anti corrosion,anti oxidant,anti acid ,anti UV,etc. Our coating remains stable up to 
    high temperatures (75°C) and can be used to coat almost any material type.   

    Coating A: water, modified super hydrophobic silica sol, surfactant
    Coating B: pure liquid glass

    Range of Application:
    any color of automobile paint surface, any material type surface

    Duration: 12 months


    1. clean and keep the car dry, and polish the paint surface

        ( ignore polishing if it’s new car or very shiny paint surface)

    2. Wash car and use dry towel to wipe

    3. Spray coating A on paint surface, wrap sponge with microfiber cloth and with coating A on,

        wipe evenly in one direction by proportion

    4. When the whole car with coating A on, wait for one hour. Then use dry towel to wipe the paint surface.

        No need to wipe very shiny finishing

    5.  Spray coating B on paint surface,wrap sponge with microfiber cloth and with coating A on,

       wipe evenly in one direction by proportion

    6. When the whole car with coating B on, use dry towel to wipe the paint surface till shiny finishing . 

    1. paint surface must be dry before coating

    2. Must wipe in one direction evenly

    3. Don’t use same cloth , sponge or towel for coating A and coating B while doing the coating

    4. After coating A on, it is normal to see oil film on paint surface

    5. After finish coating B, paint surface must be clean well till shiny finishing

    Warning: in a cool,airy place ,away from high temperature ,fire and direct sunlight.  
    2. No coating under sunshine in summer or the temperature of the car body over 40℃.   
    3. Car paint can't encounter water in 2 hours after the coating.  
    4. keep out the reach of children .