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    Nano ceramic washing liquid is a kind of inorganic nano ceramic materials which can form a layer of inorganic ceramic protectant on the surface of the paint, with functions of super hydrophilic,antioxidant,anti-acid, anti UV and heat resistant.It is also contains high permeability cleaning,polishing and maintenance ingredients resulting in deep cleaning,curing paint,lubrication,gloss effect.


    Ingredients:  water,hydrophobic silica sol,surfactant 


    Range of Application: car,bathroom





    1. rinse the car with clean water

    2. Dilution the car shampoo by 1:100 proportion and stir

    3. Use a sponge or car washing glove to clean the car with our shampoo ( No towel )

    4. Wash and make the car dry



    1. must be stir evenly and occur bubble while dilution

    2. No towel to clean the car

    3. Must dry the car after finish washing to avoid water mark.

    Read label before use
    1.keep out the reach of children
    2.avoid using under sunshine or car body too hot in a cool,airy place away from high temperature,fire and direct sunlight
    4.suggest to use 10ml car shampoo in 1000ml water for dilution 
    Selling Point Of Carfriend Nano Ceramic Wash Liquid 
    1. the only one that have wax and polish finishing effect 
    2. the only one has water repellent effect 
    3. the only wash shampoo has high gloss effect 
    4. the only car wash can protect and care the paint 
    Effect after using our car wash :
    1. supper water repellent effect
    2. high gloss effect 
    3. improve smoothness of paint surface