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    Using durable fluorine liquid glass coating, making glass anti-acid, anti-corrosion super water repellent and maintain glass. Also makes the surface smooth and glossy,the windscreen wiper swing more smoothly,Avoid to occur oil film.


    Ingredients: alcohol ,improved fluorine hydrophobic Nano silica sol  


    Range of Application: any glass surface


    Duration: 3 months



    1. clean and dry the glass surface  

    2. spray hydrophobic coating on the glass (can do in proportion 0.5M2 each time) 

    3. use microfiber cloth to rub and spread thinly over glass

    4. 8 minutes later, use dry towel to wipe till glass shiny (don’t use the towel that wiped other products of Carfriend) 



    1. the glass surface must be clean and dry. It will not have good finishing if with water mark and oil file on the glass.

    2. this product can be used on any glass surface. For example , window shield of car,glass curtain wall, glasses, helmet,camera etc.

    3. If can see fog on the glass surface after the coating, should use dry towel to wipe the glass again till glass shiny

    4. No water after the coating in 2 hours to insure the good finishing

    5. If the windscreen wiper doesn’t work smoothly after the coating, it is because the coating doesn’t wipe evenly. And do coating again.

    6.If can see the water mark after the coating,can use wet towel to wipe clean then use dry towel to wipe the glass dry. 

    7.use rain wiper the next day after the coating

    1.keep out the reach of children 
    2. avoid using under sunshine or over 40°C temperature in a cool,airy place.away from high temperature,fire and direct sunlight
    4.if swallowed,follow medical advice immediately and show this container
    Hydrophobic effect after using on the windshield
    Hyundai car after using liquid glass coating
    Hyundai car after using liquid glass coating

    Other Field of Application 

    1.  protect the glass curtain wall from getting dirty 

    2. protect the solar panel from getting dirty and easy to clean 

    3. keep the glass window of train clean and clear vision 

    4. help the glass roof anti-dust and improve light transmittance